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What You Need To Know About A Hybrid Car’s Oil Change

This Type Of Maintenance Is Important For Your Hybrid Vehicle Do Hybrid Cars Even Need An Oil Change? If you bought a hybrid vehicle for the first time, chances are you have many questions! Of course, your hybrid vehicle will cut down on costs and be an overall better choice for the planet, but it’s […]

Keep Your Brakes (And Your Car) In Good Condition

What Type Of Brake Maintenance Should I Ask For? Take A Break To Check Your Brakes While brake maintenance is one of the most procrastinated services for regular car maintenance, well-kept brakes will help keep your car safe to drive. Instead of waiting until you hear a grinding sound at a stoplight to bring your […]

Common Hybrid Repairs

Perhaps the best personal description of your hybrid can be made in just a few words. “Important,” “transportation,” “pretty,” and “mine” get the list off to a great start. In broader terms, a hybrid is a vehicle that can operate using both battery power and a gasoline engine (although the gasoline power plant is often […]

Ways to Improve Your Car’s A/C

Keeping Your Cool in the California Sun The average high temperature in Perris, California, in July and August is 98 degrees. It’s hot out there! However, when you’re ready to drive, the thermometer reading is only half the story. A look at a car interior calculator reveals that it’s going to be 132 degrees inside […]