Common Hybrid Repairs

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Common Hybrid Repairs

Perhaps the best personal description of your hybrid can be made in just a few words. “Important,” “transportation,” “pretty,” and “mine” get the list off to a great start. In broader terms, a hybrid is a vehicle that can operate using both battery power and a gasoline engine (although the gasoline power plant is often smaller than that of a traditional car). The bonus is that you save fuel and less impact the environment. In contrast, your auto makes a nearly unnoticeable transition between power sources. What you will notice, however, is the great service and hybrid repair you get at Dad’s Automotive Services and Repairs in Perris, California. Count on us for reliable information, exceptional preventive maintenance services, and trustworthy repairs.

The Most Common Hybrid Repairs

Because your vehicle employs a gasoline internal combustion engine part of the time, some repairs are the same as they might be for a traditional car. Others, of course, are more closely related to the auto’s ability to operate on battery power. One common repair, for example, is battery replacement. Hybrid batteries are sometimes not as strong as their traditional counterparts so that they may need replacement sooner. Often, they cost more than regular car batteries, but the cost is offset by reduced fuel costs. Another issue is less of a problem and more of a disappointment or surprise to some drivers. A hybrid takes advantage of regenerative braking. This entails recapturing the energy generated from friction during braking. What would otherwise dissipate as heat into the atmosphere is stored in batteries to power the car. Some hybrid drivers are surprised to see that they use more gas on long-range trips. That occurs because highway cruises require infrequent braking. Less energy is stored in the batteries, and the car eventually has to rely on gas power. Local driving, in contrast, involves more frequent braking, additional energy storage, and less gas consumption. Like any automobile, multiple common repairs are related to the exhaust system. Typical troubles are tied to oxygen sensors (which detect the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust, the evaporative emissions system (“EVAP” for short, controls the amount of released emissions), and the catalytic converter (that cleans some toxins from exhaust before release).

Your Trusted Partner for Hybrid Care

When you select a hybrid, you need a trusted partner who can take care of both sides of your power system. In the Perris, California area, that facility is Dad’s Automotive Services and Repairs. Our technicians are ASE certified, and we’re recognized as an AAA-affiliated business. Therefore, you can be assured that we have both knowledge and integrity. We look forward to helping you with all your hybrid repair needs.

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