Keep Your Brakes (And Your Car) In Good Condition

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Keep Your Brakes (And Your Car) In Good Condition

What Type Of Brake Maintenance Should I Ask For?

Take A Break To Check Your Brakes

While brake maintenance is one of the most procrastinated services for regular car maintenance, well-kept brakes will help keep your car safe to drive. Instead of waiting until you hear a grinding sound at a stoplight to bring your car in, ask your service tech to check if you need one of the three brake essentials every time you go in — brake fluid, pad, and brake replacement.

Brake Fluid Check

Unexpected brake line leaks can lead to contamination or low fluid levels. When that happens, you risk experiencing brake failure while you’re driving. The brake fluid in your car’s brake system should be replaced every one to two years, but you can ensure that your brake fluid levels and brake lines are in good shape by having it checked on every time you bring your car in. Ask your technician to quickly check your brake fluid and brakes each time you bring it in. It’ll help keep your brakes in good condition and safe.

Brake Pad Service

Brake pads may last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles and are the most important factor in caring for your brake system. You should change your brake pads regularly, especially before they wear to one-eighth of an inch, to avoid serious damage to brake rotors.

Fortunately, regular brake pad services are low compared to the cost of repairs, so it pays to keep up with it. Your vehicle’s owner manual can give you a better estimate of when to replace your brake pads, and brake service specials can make regular maintenance easier on your wallet.

Brake Replacement

Most brake systems will need to be replaced, even as you continue to perform regular maintenance. A technician will check the thickness of your brake pads, and they should also inspect the brake rotors. With that check, they’ll be able to give you a health update on your brakes so you know how well your brakes are doing or if you need work done on them.

You should always bring your vehicle in if you hear a high-pitched screech when you brake, when its responsiveness to pressure on the brake pedal changes, if there’s vibration when you press on the brake, or if you feel your car’s tendency to lean from one side when you brake. If any of these occur, even if you’ve had your brakes done recently, don’t wait to bring your car in.
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