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We Can Fix Your Automotive Air Conditioning Problems

The Importance Of Auto AC

Air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury. That’s especially true of our cars when the summer sun and heat can turn your vehicle into an oven on wheels. It’s nice to drive with the windows down when the weather is just right, but when the Californian heat ramps up, your air conditioning is doing a lot more than just cooling your cabin. Think about all the contaminants in the air—pollen, ozone, exhaust fumes, and more. Those particles and fumes aren’t just getting into your clothing and upholstery; imagine what they’re doing to your lungs. This is why your car’s air conditioning is just as important for air quality as it is for comfort. Your car’s air conditioning works much the same as the one in your home. Air is circulated through the vehicle by fans, purified by filters along the way. It’s also passing over coolant in cooling coils, giving you that lovely blast of cold air. If your vehicle’s AC isn’t working as well as it should, it’s time to get a car AC repair service that sets everything right. Residents in and near Perris, California, can trust us at Dad’s Automotive Services and Repairs.