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Trust the Care of Your Diesel Vehicle To Us

Diesel Car Specialists

Do you drive a diesel vehicle? Whether for work or personal use, it’s important to seek out the guidance and expertise of diesel specialists when it comes to maintenance and repair for your vehicle. At Dad’s Automotive Services and Repairs in Perris, California, that’s exactly what you will find. We are well-versed and experienced in diesel car care, positioning us as leaders in the area and in the industry. Thanks to extensive and ongoing training with diesel engines, we understand how these intricate engines work and the care they need for optimal functionality and efficiency. Diesel engines operate differently than gasoline engines. The main difference is the process of combustion—and it’s important the people working on your vehicle are specially trained in diesel repair and maintenance. Regular service at our local auto repair shop is the best way to keep your diesel vehicle in top condition and ensure its various parts and systems are always high functioning.