Ways to Improve Your Car's A/C

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Ways to Improve Your Car’s A/C

Keeping Your Cool in the California Sun

The average high temperature in Perris, California, in July and August is 98 degrees. It’s hot out there! However, when you’re ready to drive, the thermometer reading is only half the story. A look at a car interior calculator reveals that it’s going to be 132 degrees inside your vehicle after it has been parked for only 30 minutes, and it will be 141 by the mercury after an hour. That’s shocking and likely makes you ask the clarifying question, “The temperature inside the car is what?” It’s not only uncomfortable, but it’s also dangerous. To make sure your transportation’s air conditioner is up to the rigors of the summer sunshine, bring it to Dad’s Automotive Services and Repairs for car AC repair.

Ways to Make Your Car’s AC More Effective

To keep your vehicle’s air conditioner working at its best, be sure to have us check it annually before stifling weather arrives. A little service can go a long way. We’ll be sure your system has enough refrigerant and that you have a clean cabin air filter. Also, if there’s a problem, it will not go away without repair. When your climate control system is operating optimally, however, there are a few things you can do yourself that will help it be more effective at keeping you comfortable. The first tip, of course, is to opt for a shaded parking spot if you can. That will minimize the greenhouse effect responsible for the extreme heat inside your car. Also, while it may be tempting to select the “max” AC setting immediately, it’s best to choose the “regular” function first. The max setting recycles the air that’s already inside the car. When that air is hotter than the external conditions, you’re putting your comfort at a disadvantage. When the interior is scorching, the best way to cool it quickly is to use the normal range for a while until the inside air temperature cools a bit. Then you can switch to the max. Also, your system isn’t maximally effective if you choose a partially cool temperature. Instead, try forcing the hot air out and then go for the cold. Otherwise, the system switches between hot and cold repeatedly as it tries to achieve the mid-range reading.

Your Local, Reputable Shop for Auto AC Repair

You’ll feel good when you bring your car to us for auto AC repair–really good. First, you’ll be more comfortable when the weather heats up because your system will be in proper working order. Second, you can be comfortable knowing you’ve chosen a facility you can trust. Our technicians are ASE certified, and we’re affiliated with AAA. When you’re ready for help with your vehicle’s comfort system–whether you need preventive service or a repair–put your trust in Dad’s Automotive Services and Repairs.

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