What You Need To Know About A Hybrid Car's Oil Change

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What You Need To Know About A Hybrid Car’s Oil Change

This Type Of Maintenance Is Important For Your Hybrid Vehicle

Do Hybrid Cars Even Need An Oil Change?

If you bought a hybrid vehicle for the first time, chances are you have many questions! Of course, your hybrid vehicle will cut down on costs and be an overall better choice for the planet, but it’s a new world to explore for many car owners! If you’re wondering if hybrid cars need oil changes and how to keep them running well, here’s a basic breakdown. Learning how to maintain hybrid cars will simultaneously teach you the science of hybrid cars and how they operate.

Why Hybrids Require Oil Changes

Your hybrid vehicle will run on electricity with an electric motor and battery pack, but that engine’s battery is charged through the operation of the internal combustion engine. With a combustible engine still in your hybrid vehicle, oil changes will still be necessary in your car’s maintenance.

How Often You Should Change The Oil In Your Hybrid

The wisdom for a car with a typical combustible engine is to change your oil every 3,000 miles or every three months. A hybrid car needs an oil change much less frequently! Many hybrid cars only need an oil change every 10,000 miles or so. Still, you’ll want to check with your manufacturer to see what they recommend for the make and model of your hybrid car. Your technician can also give you a better idea of how often you can bring your car in based on your unique make and model and habits, such as your average commute or how often you take long road trips.

What Kind Of Oil To Use For Your Hybrid

The oil for hybrid cars differs from that used for a conventional vehicle because hybrid engines run at a much lower temperature. When engines run at lower temperatures, the oil used for conventional cars won’t properly lubricate all your engine’s components.

To ensure your hybrid car runs well, look out for synthetic oil with a thickness range of 0W-20. 0W-20 oil means it has a viscosity grade of 20W, the fluid’s flow resistance. This could vary depending on your hybrid car’s oil needs. Still, your manufacturer or technician can always point you to the right oil type.
By using the right kind of oil for hybrid cars, you’ll prevent sludge or wear and tear that would shorten the life of your hybrid car engine.

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